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rioman61 hace 14 horas

Fighting my buddy in Sao Paulo - Dec 2017

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catchbear1 hace 22 horas

match in berlin

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FitScot hace 1 días

Boine gives Fitscot a run for his money

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  • 17th diciembre
    Time for my half-yearly visit to Dresden, where I six months before had wrestled my heaviest opponent so far, the 132 kg horti. A match which didn't
  • 17th diciembre
    As usual there have been some strong reactions to the changes in format to our fine site. It was fine already, of course ... but I think the changes
  • 16th diciembre
    All of a sudden my screen changes colour, everything is suddenly available on screen and there is a burger in the top right. Strange times? No it’s
  • 16th diciembre
    Not complaining here in my profile's blog. Merely trying to figure something out here, as I'm a guy who likes to dig into the wheres, whats, hows,
  • 16th diciembre
    Salutations! [[news/2017-12-05|As mentioned in the previous news post]], I've been working on the design update. I thank everyone who responded to
  • 15th diciembre
    You saw Part 2A, the easy part-----Now for the tuff part, taking up as much as half or more of the session, where for each of 100 reps, you are
  • 15th diciembre
    Hey guys! I really gotta get back into a better routine of checking this site... and need to do more matches. After months of aches and injuries, I
  • 15th diciembre
    Nightmareera look you summon bitch you lucky im not going to beat you up kellettj01 your the bitch around here yeah your not going to because you
  • 15th diciembre
    Myself and a co-worker, Jeff, are the only two left in the office as everyone one else finished their reports. It's 8PM and the building air
  • 15th diciembre
    The Christmas, New Year's, etc., winter holiday period is one in which many men are occupied with all kinds of activities which compete and usually
  • 14th diciembre
    I spend up to an hour a day working the gut and the mid section in general. Part 2A is the crunch work part. 2B will be the multi-tasking part. I do
  • 14th diciembre
    Looking into hiring out the ring at Pippas in Manchester for a few hours on that day. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in a few bouts,
  • 14th diciembre
    I thought the NPR affiliates are spending too much time begging for money this week; until I realize the time they are spending is hardly anything
  • 13th diciembre
    My 2018 Travel will soon be finalized. I feel like the Olympic Committee trying to choose a host city. So here are the cities/states I will be



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Updated Design


As mentioned in the previous news post, I've been working on the design update. I thank everyone who responded to that news post, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

I am proud to announce that the job is finished, and the new, fully mobile ready and responsive design is here. The structure imitates the look and feel of the previous iteration closely, but under the hood much is modernized.

In case you are missing some of your favorite links:

  • Look at the profile menu near the top right.
  • Some menu items are on the left now, if you have a narrow screen, tablet or mobile phone, you need to click the burger icon near the top left to access them.
  • The rest of the links are on the main page and in the footer at the bottom of the page.

Please add your comments and questions regarding the changes below.

In the likely case that I don't post anything else this year, I wish you all great and fighting-filled holidays and a Happy New Year!


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