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An idea for future development would be a way to categorise messages. Maybe use folders or labels so I could maybe have a folder for future wrestling matches - maybe subdivided into countries. I have no idea how hard it is to do such things, it may not be possible. Just an idea. Thanks

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Golden (9 ) 13/12/2016 17:08

A tagging system would be really nice and useful, I think. Keeping track of the guys who will actually be nearby will be easier and their messages wouldnt be as hard to find underneath msgs from people you can't reasonably meet soon.
But it depends how full your inbox is, I guess. And I do notice some tendency on the site for people to mark potential matchups as favorites on their profile as opposed to trying to keep track of certain message threads. I just switched to that method of record keeping myself instead of only relying on msgs but I dunno. You learn to adapt to the functionality you have in front of you. I dont doubt people who message a lot and are serious about meetups would use tags though.


munichsubfight (60 support) 22/12/2016 12:08

Not sure how much time I myself would spend into categorizing messages, but sure it is a nice feature.
The value increases a lot, thoguh, if the automatic system-messages would come in already auto-tagged:
- regular/untagged messages written by users
- profile update notifications
- user xyz has uploaded a new photo
- "New comment on" for some of the discussions going on
- ...did I forgot another category of sytem-created messagess?

While some users might like to dispose easily of all system-created messages, others might want to keep the "New comment on" information while deleting the "Uploaded new photo" messages. That´s why I propose the above handful of categories instead of only a distinction between "human written" and "machine written".


hammock (0) 23/4/2017 21:43

(en respuesta a esto)

I absolutely second munichsubfight's suggestions. Those "admin messages" should be divided into their respective causes.


Wrestle4Fun (106 platinum) 14/2/2017 15:27

Please stop it. Just one or two months.
I just fed up of new inventions.
Just my point of view


edscissors (22 platinum) 14/4/2017 20:42

Could be useful but maybe not a high priority. But thank you, Admin, for always being so ready to listen to suggestions.


Welpe (8 bronze) 05/6/2017 15:33

I would be already very happy if the system wouldn't change all my message subjects into generic "Profile update notification". It's hard to keep track what is a challenge conversation, small talk or just system message.
Because so far I have to keep track of guys and possible fights in a seperate document on my desktop not to be confused. :D


Wilson (13) 28/6/2017 19:26

Je ne voie pas trop l'intérêt de classer des messages, par catégories. Mais je n'ai rien contre les profils qui tiennent à le faire.


Ironbull (106 gold) 07/8/2017 15:40

I support the original suggestion. But I also own up to the fact that I make too little use of my own fight calendar that is on this site. Any chance of a secretary?