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hashbock writes:

Background: Several of the events get large lists of attendees. For instance, the Wrestlefest in New York City has over a 100 wrestlers who have listed themselves as attending.

I'm not sure how feasible it might be, but a nice feature would be able to conduct searches among those who have listed themselves as attending an event. For instance, which people among those attending an event is interested is doing X where X would be one of the styles or interests. As another example, which people among those attending is between Y and Z in weight, age, etc. Yet another example would be being able to list those attending in order of the number of past opponents,

One possible GUI implementation for this could be a drop down list of events in the filter section of the Advanced Search, although I'm not sure how this criteria might affect the efficiency of database queries.

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Churd (96 support) 20/2/2017 17:49

Events with at least 25 people going.


PacNWBulldog (37 silver) 13/5/2017 18:06

I agree to a minimum number of attendees what that number is depends upon how many large events above 25 there are in a year.


Churd (96 support) 17/10/2017 17:15

(en respuesta a esto)

I'll go through the events and check the numbers.


Churd (96 support) 26/10/2017 19:40

(en respuesta a esto)

Getting on for half of the meets are >25.


Wilson (13) 28/6/2017 19:19

Est-ce que tous ces nombreux participants cherchent la même chose ? A l'évidence, ceux qui s'inscrivent devraient avoir des attentes compatibles. Un questionnaire simple permettrait d'éviter des dérapages.


bluestripe (0) 13/12/2017 16:41

This may be a useful feature to have available. However, much depends on whether there is a sufficient number of events held in your country of residence. I suspect only a limited number of countries hold events of this kind; therefore, few would use the facility. Is it worth all the work involved ?