Camera Accessibility for Browser Chat instead of Flash


Because not everyone has the ability to use adobe flash, there should be camera availability in the regular browser chat feature. The adobe flash-only camera support is really a bummer.

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Ironbull (106 gold) 18/10/2017 23:11

I wish I knew what any of that meant


Long for this (7 bronze) 19/12/2017 4:28

(en respuesta a esto)

I'm with you on that mate !!


Crushmemelb (1) 11/11/2017 10:16

This is a must. Flash can only be used on desktop and laptop PCs. It can't be used on android devices and apple devices eg smartphones and tablets. Which are a major way people access websites like this due being able to check them on the move and whilst travelling.

Moving away from flash for the chat function is not only a suggestion but a must for the growth of the site into the future.


Nightmareera (0 ) 22/11/2017 14:09

Um you have to use the flash anyway to cam up however we need that one chat instead of all to run at the same time.


Rocket (0 bronze) 06/12/2017 17:22

There is Android browser called PUFFIN it supports flash with some kind of cloud based interface. It works well using my phones and tablets. Full support for video chat and all flash content. It is a paid application for lifetime of 9.99 the initial browser that is downloaded from the store is free and allows you to do flash for limited time for the price worth the purchase.


kicksands (8 ) 07/12/2017 22:38

There are browsers that provide flash support but this is an unreliable stopgap measure. Flash development and support from Adobe sunsets in 2020, and many people don't even have it anymore since most web content can be accessed without it. If the community still wants video chat options into the future, we will need to transition away from Flash sooner rather than later when the whole framework for video chat on this site becomes obsolete.


Nightmareera (0 ) 19/12/2017 4:44

If you ever been on Tinychat or ezchapechat. let try to copy that style