blog troll ?

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Spruceman (63 platinum) 10/11/2018 15:12

Reckon the thumbs down folks would not be so gung ho to it if their names were visible. Maybe the names of thumbs up and of thumbs down people should be made visible. Also have a "top 10 thumbs down" guys – could be same folks who are on the top 10 blocking list. Call it "Top 10 Curmudgeon" list?


Ironbull (105 platinum) 10/11/2018 15:15

(en respuesta a esto)

I completely agree. This is a fight site. What kind of "fighter" behaves with such cowardice?


Spruceman (63 platinum) 14/10/2018 22:13

There are some rude characters out there. They infest every site. You should see some of the bullcrap I get about a man my age having no business wrestling, or being unable to fight, or that they are afraid they would injure me. Either they have not read my recommendations, or they have and In all likelihood they are unable to say they are scared s**tless that if they took me on and I made them tap like a flock of woodpeckers and their friends found out, they could never live it down.


Ironbull (105 platinum) 11/10/2018 18:42

Case in point.

Brand new blog from a member simply saying he has mats and can host. Someone almost immediately gives a thumbs down. He (or she) leaves no comment. WTF? Why? I can't help but think this is one person. Whoever you are, get on the mats and fight. You'll find it a lot more satisfying.


edscissors (24 platinum) 11/10/2018 13:45

More excellent sense from Ironbull. I too have noticed that someone - perhaps several different people? - seem to delight in adding a "thumbs down" to blog entries which are either highly positive or even just plain inoffensive. This seems totally counter to the encouraging, supportive ethos of the site and entirely reprehensible.

Well done, Ironbull, for mentioning it again. Perhaps whoever it is will think twice about what he/she is doing?


BamaJDon41 (1 gold) 10/10/2018 3:12

Some people seem to be a bit offended when serious issues are addressed on a site that most look to for entertainment. Talk about depression or other difficulties can itself be seen as depressing. I'm sure some people would rather not see it on this site. That's not my position, but I understand how some people may feel that way. Of course anonymity makes it easy to be a bad human being.


justsomeguy (1) 09/10/2018 20:22

I agree with what is being said here. This site is about one-on-one combat, but with that comes a sense of vulnerability and trust.

I have considered blogging about some demons I have. I have opened up to some individuals on this site and have received moral support from the gentlemen here. But there is a fear of judgement due to the stigmas associated with mental health issues and physical shortcomings.

I have taken up wrestling and subsequently joined this site to help my own psyche. I was physically abused. The psychiatrist's couch can only take someone so far. I am combating my fear of violent aggression. Wrestling gives me the opportunity to set limits and tap out if things get "too real" for me.

We like to state we are safe and sane when we battle. To be a troll is not sane activity and it can be unsafe for the well being of someone with a fragile psyche.


Barraboy (7) 09/10/2018 18:12

Well said, Ed (Sir)
Mental Health is too often brushed aside by those too small minded to understand it.
Talking about it, and raising the issue on here, as some guys do, is often their first step in reaching out for help. Dismissing them, as some do, with the push of a keyboard key, is unwarranted and cowardly.


Ironbull (105 platinum) 09/10/2018 16:55

I can't help but notice that a number of people have written highly personal blogs about their life experiences, and that someone (or perhaps more than one person) has given them a thumbs down. In quite a few cases no person has come forward to criticize the blog or explain why they think it warrants their disapproval. It comes across as cowardly and snide.

I am aware that blog writers can opt out of having their blogs voted on but I imagine that they are placing their trust in this community by revealing deeply personal matters including physical and mental health issues. I'm sure that if I were to write on so personal level, the thumbs up would feel very supportive and kind at what might be a vulnerable moment. The fact that people feel they can say such things here is a tribute to our culture. It seems ungenerous to do shoot them down and it shocks me that anyone would do so.

Some blogs, in my humble opinion, are fair game. Shoot me down for this opinionated forum post and I'll take it on the chin (beg pardon for the mixed metaphor). Shoot me down for revealing a personal struggle that I want to share and it'll hurt and maybe even send me lower. Those blogs that are and are not fair game are, in most cases, easily distinguishable.

Perhaps I am being naive but I know that the men and women of this site are of a better calibre than the ghastly little trolls of the internet who use anonymity to make unwarranted attacks on strangers. So, you who place a thumbs down on a person's blog kindly reveals yourselves and your reasons.