upper12 está recomendado por rufwrestler2 (24/4/2019)

had a great match with this muscled guy on one of the best mat setups I've seen. he's the complete package... great to wrestle, strong as hell, damn well built, and a super nice guy before, and after the match. thinking it was close to 2 hrs of give and take. and a perfect host. anxious for round 2 !! :)


Lightning está recomendado por Bearmaker (24/4/2019)

Finally got to grapple with Lightning. It was a great match and certainly worth the wait.

He is a worthy opponent and a super guy off the mats. I really enjoyed my match with him and he is a competitive guy... as am I. We were also able to practice holds and moves on each other, which is great for me, since I am still learning.

All and all, I worked up a lot of sweat and expended much energy. Totally exhausted after our match and practice.

Can't wait for our next match.


Friendly Heel está recomendado por FightDi (24/4/2019)

Fortunately i managed to recover from high fever the night before meeting him. He is bigger than i thought. Very friendly guy but he can be very mean on the mats. Don't miss him out if he's traveling to your country. Highly recommended!


Qsparrer está recomendado por texwrestler2001 (24/4/2019)

I had so much fun with this man! Hot, flexible body..great attitude and stamina. Hot match, highly recommend!


Solomon 79 está recomendado por volcano (24/4/2019)

Solomon and I met on 4/23/19 at his motel in Secaucus, NJ for some wrestling fun and with the goal to practice some stuff. It was a very good and fun time and all that I could want.

Reading all of the recommendations about Solomon, I find that i am handicapped in trying to add my two cents, something of value, to the conversation because everyone who has written a recommendation has covered so many of Solomon's excellent qualities. I agree with all of the positive things said about Solomon. In short, he is a jewel. So, I'll just limit my contribution to a couple of qualities not yet mentioned.

I guess the thing I like best about Solomon is his adventurous nature. Solomon is the first wrestling partner i have had willing to practice and experiment with strikes (mostly forearm smashes) to the head. This was something I wanted to practice and Solomon willingly agreed. He even made the smart recommendation to get a mouth guard. I did get one and so we did practice this aspect of pro wrestling and it was great. Despite our size difference, Solomon was also cool with the many body blows I delivered in our wrestling, even though he was suffering a bit from prior matches. And he fought back admirably.

The other thing I'd like mention is that Solomon possesses a quality so sadly lacking in our western culture these days - he is gracious. If you're unsure about the meaning of the word, look it up. Solomon makes you feel good just being around him.

In short, Solomon has my highest recommendation.


Negrolutador está recomendado por superboydan (24/4/2019)

Apesar de já ter um bom tempo nossa luta vamos lá, ele é um cara agradável e gentil fora do combate. Um cara pesado e difícil de dominar pelo grande altura e peso... Super Recomendo :-)


texwrestler2001 está recomendado por Qsparrer (24/4/2019)

After waiting a couple of months, we were finally able to meet. He told me about his back surgery, and I thought I would have SOME chance submitting him while respecting his limits. BOY, WAS I WRONG! This guy is a heel to the max! He put me in submissions that bent me in ways I didn’t think were possible, and his body is so thick with muscle that I couldn’t even wrap my legs around him to squeeze. Even though I was able to get one submission, I couldn’t do anything except tap from consecutive submissions with no sign of letting up. I’m absolutely sore from our match, man! Can’t wait for our next match! Outside of that, he’s a great conversationalist with a great sense of humor. If you’re looking to get roughed up, look no further! I highly recommend him if he’s in your city.


Deutsche1980 está recomendado por cntrl (24/4/2019)

Worth the commute! What a great guy. Deutsche1980 was kind enough to invite me for a match, and was a considerate host. Given the difference in our experience, I was worried it would be a squashfest. His formidable skills kept me from landing a single sub. I have to thank him for his patience; he was still gracious enough to help me clean up my game and teach me several new holds besides. Deutsche1980 has my strongest recommendation, even for inexperienced wrestlers like myself.


Rasslebarefoot está recomendado por Terryrassler (24/4/2019)

We have been talking for over a year and missed each other last year when he was in Houston. We met last night for a long, sweaty pro match. Heel vs heel with many tests of strength and long lock ups and holds. A lot of tough give and take wrestling. We each took a fall.

Good conversation and I look forward to another tough match. Put this guy on your list to wrestle.


DEjobberman está recomendado por kevinsullivan (24/4/2019)

Guys, if you want to have an awesome experience in wrestling, I suggest that you meet up with this great guy. He knows how to wrestle and is a great guy that you can trust. We have wrestled many times in the past and always look forward to our next meeting. A respectable guy and once you meet up with him you will not be sorry. Very strong and powerful but always respects the other guy. From day one I can truly say that I found a true friend for life.