SFFight está recomendado por calwrestler (20/2/2017)

Mike and I met at Wrestlefest after chatting on-line several times, at length. We hit it off immediately. He is in great shape, and although bruised up from a striking match, was eager to take me on. Could not be full-on, but it was great fun. Then we exchanged some holds and removed burdensome Chatted some more and became closer friends. I was sorry to miss him that night at a "meet" of a number of wrestlers....
All in all a very good time....we vowed to repeat it more than once in the future.


Jay219 está recomendado por eastcheshireguy (20/2/2017)

Met at a group session and had a great couple of rolls with this guy. He's proper gym fit and BJJ trained so it was like wrestling a powerful octopus as he manoeuvred me into holds new to me while skimming himself round my body! All executed safely, precisely and planned 3 moves ahead too.

Very happy to go though the detail of his skill with guys to bring them on and an inspiration to get back to class!

Great guy to roll with - 100% recommendation and I'm looking forward to future sessions with him.


king on the mats está recomendado por ImtiazAli (20/2/2017)

Have met "king on the mats" a couple of times when we were younger. He is a cocky guy and all around good fun bloke, but seems he's settled down now and matured now, aw :)

He's strong guy but learning wrestling as he goes along, although safe and sane. Wrestle him whilst you can.


turnbuckl está recomendado por calwrestler (20/2/2017)

Turnbuckl and I met for the first time in person after lots of long chats.....He is very personable, fit, clever.....we wrestled for a while, but our styles did not mesh so we chatted and gossiped ! If you like pro and taunting, he is def your man. We'll meet again sometime for lunch or whatever.....


Superfly está recomendado por MuscChamp (20/2/2017)

Superfly is a Superguy! His hot muscular body and keen wrestling skills are only surpassed by his friendly self-effacing and kind personality. It was such an honor for me to wrestle one of England's super stars, and we were both eager for this competitive match for years! Nonetheless, the mutual respect did not prohibit a fierce battle on the mats, and ultimate domination by the Champ of his worthy defeated rival. The Superfly got his subs, but eventually succumbed to Champ's superior strength and skill. Yet another boy for my stable.....and one with a very charming accent! We had so much fun, we're doing it again this fall in London!


Mark uk está recomendado por eastcheshireguy (20/2/2017)

Feb 2017

Caught Mark while he was on a brief trip to the UK. Great to hits the mats with him again - as strong and skilled as before so a hard fought, sweaty roll ensued with taps not all one way! Pushes you all the time but safe and sane.

Great to catch up off the mats too with talk of opponents of past!

Still a total recommendation.

April 2016

We'd chatted for a while and it was great to finally arrange something with this stalwart of the site. God, can this guy make a cold, wet couple of hours in Crawley a blast! We're similar on stats so once we started it just kept flowing. Rolls and throws came again and again while the atmosphere in the room became as wet, but much hotter, as outside while we sweated it out. Mark's very skilled so combined with his good strength it was a challenge to make any hold stand but that just kept things moving. Eventually the energy levels dropped too far and a hard fought match had to come to an end. A brilliant wrestler, totally safe, sane and fun. We went for a couple of pints and the first one didn't touch the sides as we had a good catch up on past matches. An outstanding meet and one I want more of. Amazing guy - total recommendation.


sleepforme está recomendado por Chris in seattle (20/2/2017)

Nice guy. He was great on communication and honest about how he represented himself. He is strong and has great endurance. I would definitely recommend him and hope we can play again sometime.


njmuscguy1 está recomendado por calwrestler (20/2/2017)

Wrestled Rick this morning....been waiting 2 years for this, due to various circumstances ! Great time...he is a jiujitsu whiz....I'm a novice....I got to first base twice (?).....but he is formidable.. Great guy, offered to teach me some moves, etc. He is totally in top shape, great disposition and attitude.....we'll def meet again !


fantasyfeak está recomendado por minebuster (20/2/2017)

I've been waiting to meet up with Tim since....gau-d it's been 76 years. I figured someone that small would be an easy winston but when he gets a good grip on you it's lights out ana you're done. He was super chill despite me going full fanboy on him. I reverted back to awkward high school mei there for a while.
The only thing more scary than his puns are his legs. I might have mocked them but when he lockes them on you a-banon all Hope of getting out. Everytime it was like Zarya kidding me. Sorta wish I had got to experience his figaro four headscissor but maybe another time.
If you can get your hanzon him I'd highly recommend a match - even if his taste in Final Fantasy games are questionable. :)



Marcwrestler está recomendado por PA Wrestler (20/2/2017)

Had a really great time with this guy, been wanting to meet up for a while. Finally got an oppertunity at fest, and believe me, you'll want a chance as well.
Can take a lot of abuse, but damn, this guy really pushed my limits and I'm going to be real sore for a few days, ha. Great and friendly guy, awesome body and knows a good collection of holds and locks in order to twist you into a pretzel, jobbers and smaller guys beware, haha.


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