resl4top está recomendado por Jow (17/10/2017)

Resl4top is a very good and strong wrestler, very resistant! I had a so great match with him ! Being under him and trying to escape was so fun and I have so enjoyed that.
Moreover, he is a cute and very nice guy !
I do hope I will wrestle him again and again...
Do not hesitate to meet him !!


Jfh2 está recomendado por bikermanrr (17/10/2017)

Lutteur sexy, et le plaisir d un combat original et efficace. Il touche a tous styles de combats, en mode player a mode sports. On a eu l occasion de s echanger une avalanche de prises, une cascades de ciseaux et bien d autres encore ...... et j ai meme reussi a appliquer de beaux piles driver .Heel ou jobber , c est bon de se fritter avec lui . Resistant, infatiguable,endurant , incassable . C etait un combat long et pourtant trop court et helas un manque de place nous a freiner grrr. J aimerais un rematch dans l au dela !


law306 está recomendado por jaj1987 (17/10/2017)

This guys was a great fight and host while he was in town. Stepped inside post gym and didn’t even strip down before we started going at it. After a few subs changed into ufc gear, and started grinding foreheads. Built some intense aggression and prefight. I even let this guys take some face shots. You could see his love for the aggression and instensity in his eyes. He’s a tough fighter and it should be noted that size does not matter. He’s compact but tougher than some bigger guys I’ve faced off with. He has a passion for wrestling and fighting and completely worth one’s time if you get the chance. Looking forward to a rematch punk ;)


EXTREM BRUTAL está recomendado por Headscissorfan (17/10/2017)

EXTREM_BRUTAL hat mich auf etwas neues gebracht, womit ich vorher noch gar keine Erfahrungen hatte.... Nämlich Boxen.
Hat echt Spaß gemacht es mal auszuprobieren und er kann ganz schön viel einstecken


ausrasren123 está recomendado por Grappler it (17/10/2017)

Strong. Amazing opponent. Natural born grappler. 👍 👍 👍


Matman150 está recomendado por grapplingguy (17/10/2017)

I have discovered one more tree-trunk wrestler ‘s neck in FL! Here is Matman150! He has built solid muscle body through college wrestling training – defined and functional muscles, well-sized and very well proportional. I wish we could be similar size to better match. When he moves – you see (and feel !) intense pressure and technical skills. He committed to athleticism, healthy life and training – that I truly appreciate in my wrestling buddies. We have great time boot-camping – we had awesome grappling match, shared techniques, run on beach boardwalk, drilled moves on beach sand and in surf (that was amazing) – everything u may want to do with the right guy. Matman150 is a Right Guy! He is smart and friendly outside of match, and intense and aggressive while we roll. Definitely look forward for next meet!


normstorm está recomendado por BeTrayedBetrayal (17/10/2017)

A super super nice and patient host.
He goes through every move step by step and helps me fix the mistakes I have made. Off the mats, super friendly and smart guy.

Highly recommended. :)


grapple musc está recomendado por WrslMscl (17/10/2017)

It’s hard to find fault with this dude — built like a bear, cool as koala, courteous as a genuine British Lord. If I had to find one, I guess it would be... that he still loves football (that’s soccer for you Yankees) more than wrestling. Therefore he’s prone to resort to kicking his way out of trouble. Fortunately, he tries not to kick his opponent/training partner where it hurts most, but the danger looms. Once he recognizes that the oldest sport in the world is king, he’ll be one of ours. Highly recommended!


njwrightstuff está recomendado por yonkerswrangler (17/10/2017)

recently had a long overdue match when he came to yonkers quite strong hits hard and can take it too got a few bruises to show for it too and would do it again tomorrow lol was a lot of fun and recommend him highly


Slater Jackson está recomendado por Wrestle5280 (17/10/2017)

Definitely a great on and off the mats! Highly recommend meeting this guy. Hope to wrestle him again...and again...and again...


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