Studboy está recomendado por ProWorkover (30/4/2017)

I met Studboy for the second time, and again he was awesome. First, he's completely reliable and it was easy to make arrangements. Second, he's a great wrestler, with excellent jobber skills – he takes all of my promission holds with skill, he sells well and he's extremely safe and sane. Third, he's friggin' beautiful – handsome face and awesome lean muscularity. Finally, and most importantly, he's a super nice guy off the mat. I look forward to our next match and recommend him highly.


Southcoast Guy está recomendado por JOHN1953 (30/4/2017)

met colin must be about 4 years ago and then again on the 30th of december 2016 and each time stayed the weekend at mine but i forgot about doing a recomendation for him so sorry colin again for the delay colin is like me a light wight very nice guy both on and off the mats very easy to get along with and fun to spend time with every time he as been here we have spent one hell of alot of hours wrestling and he is great to wrestle and knows wat he is doing vert safe and sane and i hope we get to grips again soon thanks colin


WolfHH está recomendado por marko75 (30/4/2017)

Heute durfte ich Wolf in Hildesheim kennenlernen. Groß und stark ist der Bursche. Er mag auch gerne die härtere Gangart. Am besten bei der Größe gleich drauf los, dachte ich mir und die Strategie ging auf. Der Kampf gegen ihn kostete einige Mühe. Der Bursche ist stark und war daher ein gefährlicher Gegner. Wird hatten einige harte Runden und ich konnte beim Submission ihn schön auf den Boden holen. Die Klammern sitzen schön fest und man muss schon sehr hart für einen Sieg kämpfen. Insgesamt sehr zu empfehlen und wir müssen uns unbedingt wiedersehen! Übe fleißig und zeig mir deine Power.

Gruß aus Hannover


Dalebreak está recomendado por Ironbull (30/4/2017)

I've wrestled the man many times and can totally vouch for him as a good wrestler a top bloke and completely reliable


Zwrestle1 está recomendado por rjsr3141 (30/4/2017)

What Zwrestle1 lacks in skill, he makes up for in determination and strength. He will make you work for the pin/tap, and if you are not careful he will easily reverse the situation. Overall a great workout and a great guy.


marsupi está recomendado por Akenatos (30/4/2017)

I would like to thank Marsupi that he accepted to fight with me.
He's à strong guy with a very good Technik.
A very nice and friendly guy.

I recommend Marsupi!!!

Thanks a lot Marsupi,
We keep in touch.



Friendly Heel está recomendado por Amirul (30/4/2017)

Gary is a nice person, he is a big and strong guy. He will dominates you, trust me, so better be careful. I thought meeting him is boring and it is not at all!
We had good time. He taught me a few moves! I will definitely practice it! We had dinner afterwards, oh yeah thanks for buying me dinner tho! Looking forward to meet you again. Soon I hope :)


nicky7 está recomendado por njmuscguy1 (30/4/2017)

nice guy good shape and fun to wrestle!! def has experience and knows his way around the mat always enjoy our matches and looking forward to the next one . wrestle him if u get the chance


tombstoneyou está recomendado por nywrestler (30/4/2017)

had a awesome time with this beast! I think he did too ;)


kriswoje4 está recomendado por philwresl76 (30/4/2017)

Je confirme Christophe est une connaissance de longue date. J ai de très bon souvenir après avoir fait de longue lutte avec lui
auss sympa sur les tapis que dans la vie
Au plaisir de te revoir


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