Squeezemetight está recomendado por borets (28/3/2017)

This novice is well worth meeting. Fit flexible and full of fighting spirit. He will only gain in confidence and skill. Safe sane punctual and a lovely bloke off the mats.


borets está recomendado por Squeezemetight (28/3/2017)

What a great guy to meet for my first match on here. With such a massive difference between our size and experience it could have been a disaster. It was exactly the opposite. Borets made me very welcome when I arrived, helped calm my first time nerves and we were able to have a very relaxing chat before we started.

On the mats it was of course everyone sided in terms of skill but Borets spent time explaining moves and allowing me to practice some basics to give me confidence. He also soon had me in a range of holds to experience the realities of wrestling make me tap but always very safe and recognised my level and lack of experience.

I cannot recommend him enough as a thoroughly sane and intelligent guy. Both on and off the mats I enjoyed my first experience. He is a great host and even fed me afterwards!

I will be going back again for more.


rugbybrawn45 está recomendado por JobberJ (28/3/2017)

He came over during his lunch break for a quick match. He is much bigger in person than his picture. He was solid, thick, beefy, and most importantly, strong. He was a very nice guy and respected my limits. Thanks for the match. It was quick but I had fun.


christophlee está recomendado por Latino Crusher (28/3/2017)

Really cool guy and fun to talk to. We had a long match that I won't soon forget. He's a strong opponent and also willing to take some punishment. I hope to meet up with him again, someday soon.


unknown11 está recomendado por NonoZZ (28/3/2017)

Un lutteur au joli petit corps musclé qui se donne dans la lutte ! Un match très agréable à réitérer sans modération. :)


Hartfordguy está recomendado por mtlman (28/3/2017)

Met Hartfordguy for a session. Nice personnality, very friendly. Amazing jobber, watch out he can surprise you. Hot session we had. I will certainly have another match with him.


Mirceal está recomendado por leanandtough (28/3/2017)

Very nice French gentleman with calm manner on the mat, but move decisively and fatally. He will put you in a hold naturally and with least effort. Before you know it, you are firmly under his control, trapped, and then he will tighten it up until you have no choice but give. Great wrestler.


wrestlemee está recomendado por axxo007 (28/3/2017)

Gotta agree with all those other recommendations, this guy is a lot of fun. We had a really nice and long tough match. Awesome energy, never gives up and just wants to go on and on. Can't wait for round two :)


axxo007 está recomendado por wrestlemee (28/3/2017)

Axxo007 lives up to his great recommendations and then some. Had an awesome time vs this strong and skilled opponent, he definitely gave me a good workout and I would totally be into meeting this competitive fighter again!


Man2ManHky está recomendado por Slim66 (28/3/2017)

Very friendly and very hospitable. Although our match was short, it was very enjoyable and very pleasant. If Hickory ever comes to your town or challenges you to a match, go for it. It will be worthwhile. Mist of all, you will make a new friend.


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