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Ready to get back to wrestling. Interested in all forms and styles of the sport from competitive to fun and even erotic once agreed upon and mutual. Will be working out on a regular basis to get back in good physical shape and condition and endurance. Love the body contact and friendship which comes from two men locking up in a wrestling match. Grew up watching pro wrestling in the 1970s & 80s and still watch even though I'm more of a fan of the old days. Enjoy attending live shows. Prefer to heel, but, will job for the fun of a pro-style match as well as back-n-forth. Have some martial arts training. Always willing to learn more about pro, submission and amateur. Love the comradery and bonding of wrestling.



Estructura de pelea: Pelea equilibrada, Give and take/Dar y recibir, Squash match, Jugar la lucha, Practicando técnicas, Tag Team/Luchas en grupo
Estilos específicos de lucha: Lucha con golpes al cuerpo, Promission, Brit Pro Wrestling, Folkstyle/Estilo tradicional, Ir a ver peleas
Otros intereses: Amistad, Soy un heel/rudo (me gusta dar)
Fetiches: Equipamiento de lucha, Lucha desnuda


  1. Estados Unidos - North Carolina, Charlotte
    Place of residence
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Estoy dispuesto a hospedar.

Datos físicos

Edad: 53 años Masculino, buscando a Masculino

Datos físicos: 175 cm, 74 kg

Idiomas que hablas: Inglés

Ropa: Trunks, briefs, shorts

Olímpico/Grecorromana Olímpico/Grecorromana
Submisión Submisión
Lucha profesional Lucha profesional
Judo Judo
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ready to rassle está recomendado por wnc wrestler

Awesome wrestler! Very knowledgeable about pro wrestling history and pro wrestling moves. Can give a lot of pro punishment and humiliation. Watch out for his headlocks.



wnc wrestler está recomendado por ready to rassle

Meeting wnc_wrestler was a pleasure. Nice guy, good wrestler and very strong - especially, in his legs. He doesn't give up easy and loves a good back-n-forth match.



ready to rassle está recomendado por DCabspunch

Had a great time with Greg, he’s a very strong wrestler and a very interesting guy to talk too. We had a fun match and a good workout. Definitely up to meeting him again and highly recommend him



DCabspunch está recomendado por ready to rassle

Met DCabspunch at his hotel room for a basic grappling match. Excellent host. His strength is right in line with his grappling ability. A great conversationalist as well. Enjoyed my time with him and am looking forward to the next time we meet. Make sure to schedule a match with him.



ready to rassle está recomendado por HotBill

If you are into wrestling in all of its forms, "ready to rassle" is your guy! He packs all that a good wrestler needs: great attitude, superb physique and looks, strength, technique and abundant energy to last and last giving all he has and taking it all! If you're looking for a real wrestler, stop in Charlotte and book a few hours with this amazing man!



HotBill está recomendado por ready to rassle

HotBill is exactly what his name indicates. Very nice and hospitable man. While we could not wrestle a real match due to his back injury from a car wreck, we did exchange holds and enjoyed that just as much. Also, had a great time watching some video matches together. Looking forward to meeting him again. If you want to meet a truly genuine man, HotBill is that man.



Carolina Man está recomendado por ready to rassle

Carolina_Man and I have known each other and wrestled each other for several years. All our matches have been fun and enjoyable whether it's pro, pro fantasy, submission or erotic. And, today was no exception. He knows how to give and receive punishment. A great guy to meet and have as a friend. Make time in your schedule for a match with him.



ready to rassle está recomendado por markmok110

RTR is highly skilled and strong. He is a good host, great fun to grapple and hang out with off the mat. However he really needs to update the profile pics, he's even much better looking in person.
Hope for the rematch soon.



markmok110 está recomendado por ready to rassle

Markmok110 drove from Atlanta to Charlotte for a great matchup today. This is a smart and genuine man possessing solid strength and giving me a great submission match. Definitely recommend him for anyone who loves to wrestle. And, the bonding was good. Ready to take him on again.



wrestlemepdx está recomendado por ready to rassle

When you think of wrestling, look up this tall, lean, handsome man who can hold his own in a pro, submission or oil match. He's friendly and accommodating and a lot of fun. Schedule a match and you won't be disappointed.



ready to rassle está recomendado por bobster

This guy is outstanding. Don't be fooled by the weight. He is strong and a wiry guy. Just remember dynamite comes in smaller packages for a reason.
The wrestling is awesome and his MMA is equally awesome. I was twisted in more angles than I thought I could be, but after the match it actually felt great being stretched.
It is fun to wrestle a guy with no attitude and he is always welcome back on my mats.



bobster está recomendado por ready to rassle

Met bobster a few years ago and had a good, challenging match with him when he hosted an informal tournament at his home where he has a great mat setup. He's a good guy to know. Get in touch with him.



DC VAmat está recomendado por ready to rassle

DC VAmat is the real deal. He's the classic pro wrestler of the glory days in his look and with his ring moves and holds. If classic pro rasslin is what you love, DC VAmat is your man. We've wrestled twice and he's more than a worthy opponent. Schedule a match and you won't be disappointed.



ScorpGrapple está recomendado por ready to rassle

ScorpGrapple is a great friend and a great guy on the mats as well. Looking for a man to roll with for a fun time? He's your man. I'm looking forward to rasslin him again so get in touch with him today. You won't regret it.



ready to rassle está recomendado por wrestlerm

Met "ready_to_rassle" on the mat today. We had a fun but tough pro match. It ended in a split decision with each of us taking 1 fall a piece. Wow, does "ready "know his pro moves! He used some holds on me I had never seen before. Great guy off the mats as well. Very prompt, very reliable. Like me, he loves to rassle. I would encourage any of you to take this fine guy on without hesitation.



wrestlerm está recomendado por ready to rassle

Wrestlerm and I have met several times and today's match was probably our best as we were two masked heels going at it. We ended in a 1-1 split decision so the "feud" will continue as we live to fight another day. He looks like a real pro from the classic days of rasslin and wrestles like one because he knows his holds/moves and how to sell each and every move whether he's giving or receiving punishment. Great guy on and off the mats. Don't pass up the opportunity to meet him.



ready to rassle está recomendado por carolina wrestler

Ready to Rassle is a great opponent! We have had some good matches. If ever in the area, u will not be disappointed with him. He is a very nice person off the mat. He has a passion for wrestling.



carolina wrestler está recomendado por ready to rassle

Carolina_wrestler is the definition of age-defying. He knows and loves wrestling whether it's pro or submission. Great guy with a great in-shape body. When he's in your area or contacts you for a match, take him up on it and you will be glad you did. Good guy off the mat and worthy opponent on the mat.



ready to rassle está recomendado por Jobber4fun

Ready to raise is an awesome guy to roll with. He is highly skilled, in great shape, and just overall FUN! This guy can wrestle for hours. If you're in the area look him up for a fun match.



Jobber4fun está recomendado por ready to rassle

Jobber4fun is a lot of fun to wrestle as well as a great guy to meet and make friends. Lock up with him when you have a chance.



chc75204 está recomendado por ready to rassle

When making your list of guys to wrestle, make sure to include chc75204 at the top of that list. Great to meet and wrestle because he is strong and talented. A lot of fun. Definitely ready to meet up with him again.



ready to rassle está recomendado por comegetsome

Ready to Rassle is a great guy. Very aggressive heel who knows what he's doing. If you're a jobber who's looking to be worked over, he's your guy. I highly recommend his sleeper.



comegetsome está recomendado por ready to rassle

When you have the opportunity to meet up with "comegetsome" for a match, do so and you will not be disappointed. Great guy to meet and wrestle. Looking forward to the next time.



Jd1994 está recomendado por ready to rassle

If you like putting a jobber thru the humiliation of a one-sided, pro-style, squash match, then Jd1994 is your man. He knows his role as a jobber and "embraces" it for a great time together. He's also a good guy to meet and discuss pro rasslin as an enthusiastic fan.