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it carried on - second partbgwrestle's blog

so it was down to the internet and magazines that I found BG enterprise and BG East which catered for different types of wrestling including erotic wrestling - most of the stars to start off with were also porn stars but it was hot to see them wrestle and also get hot later.

The best wrestlers and using wrestling and add erotic moves to each were Kid Leopard and Scott Roges who went dark and even hotter.Kid taught those moves to Kid Vicious and he turned them into his moves with his signature. His erotic fights are legend to me and I have just about all of them. He also wrestled some of the hottest twinks. They included Liam. Robert Reyn, Mr Daly, Buddy and so many more.

my favourite nowadays has changed as the older wrestlers are not in new videos. loved Kayden Kellor, Ty Alexander, Johnny firestorm - Mason Brooks - he is so gorgeous.
Billy Lodi, Devon Cade, Jarret Cole, Brandon Aldrich, Rusty Ansen, Christian Taylor,
Len Harder, Skip Vance, Drake Marcos, Mike Martin, Ehtan Prior, Demolition Dave,

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where it all beganbgwrestle's blog

of course it all began in the 1980s with the world of sport stars in colour. There were new young wretlers added to the other good wrestlers. They included Johnny Kidd, Mal Saunders, Greg Valentine, Danny boy Collins, Big Ben, Kid McCoy, Ian McGreggor, Robbie Brookside, Dynamite Kid, Keith Hayward and many others.

hot men in trunks and hot boots and also singlets - some of the matches were evened matched, some one sided and some even funny. it was hot and also there was the fantasy of wanting it go further and be more erotic and have fun with the gear too.

what was hot seeing these wrestlers wrestle in person like Greg and Mal and Johnny and Danny and others. even talking to Greg who was far more beautiful in person and that day he wore red trunks, hot boots, red socks and he was so hot.

so this is where it lead - with the internet finding people in the same kind of wrestling.and before was the grapevine wrstling magazine ran by Ian scott later on.

one of the first pictures and profile was demolition Dave and he was in a hot singlet with blue boots and blue socks and it was so hot. He then went to star in BG East videos and Bulldog, my favourite later videos had hot scenes in them which i liked better like the after wrestling with slugger - it was so hot and I wished he was doing that to me. This is led to other sites.

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meeting others in personbgwrestle's blog

so in the early days I met people into wrestling through a phone line and I met Tom and he was attractive and looked like a friend of mine and he loved Addidas gear and he looked great in it too.

We spent the day wrestling and also havin fun too and even watched some old shows and series too.

he was the first and it was erotic wrestling and the best. This was going to lead to other matches. I usually get to know people as people and what they like before I meet them. some people meet people very quickly but that can get into disappointing situations. you have to know what someone likes and they have to know what you like so you can have an enjoyable match. this cannot happen if someone is looking to meet you but clearlty not into the same thing.

wrestling is very intimate so I do agree that people should be clean but also that is another reason it has to be about mutual respect and fun. playing roles can be fun and acting out fantasies can be good in wrestling with added attitude and trash talk - for fun too.

I get a lot of ideas from the BG pictures and videos.

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My recurring rant on prolific returning "new" members.Sir_David's blog

Well guys, it's that time again I've spotted another new member join and leave the site again within a matter of weeks this member repeatedly joins every couple months and then leaves. In the last 2 hours the member posted a match request on the site and then lo and behold leaves the site soon after. Also he raised a query asking what colour gear would suit him best. Perhaps gear that would entice him to a meet regardless of colour would suffice

I understand people have reasons , however, I cannot see the logic in doing this repeatedly. The bloke never has any past oppos, as no one has chance to meet him before he leaves again, and when he rejoins there is no mention on his profile of "I'm on and off this site guys" he rejoins as if he is a brand new member.

We have the function to report no shows and fake profiles, is it not time we have a function re the prolific rejoinees who will never meet for real.

I apologise in advance if anyone takes offence to this blog entry it's my opinion and I just don't agree with the fact this member and others will do this constantly and waste genuine members time.

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Interesting Youtube On Boxing techniquenwfan53's blog

How to not kill someone by accident in Boxing

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Titans part 5sisuperman's blog

So I come up with an endurance/strength challenge which I believe will be difficult for the two muscled dudes as they are visible exhausted from the back and forth action of the last 30+ minutes. The stud that completes the challenge will be declared the champ.
The challenge will consist of 3 basic exercises:
100 situps, 100 pushups and 50 pull-ups, performed simultaneously to my count, the title will be awarded to the one that completes at least 2 of the exercises, in other words best of 3.
They both agree to the terms and shake hands.
I begin to count slowly 1......2.....3.....setting the pace 75.....76......78.....both men grimacing in pain as they feel their abs burning and I can see beads of sweat on their tightened six packs 98.....99.....100.
Both men complete the first challenge with relative ease.
I begin to think this challenge may not be difficult enough.
Again I begin the count slowly to pace them and make it more difficult. The two musclemen are completely silent and concentrating on completing the challenge. At 80 I begin to hear grunting as they both are beginning to show signs of struggling. At 95 it appears they will both achieve this segment successfully. 100 done!
Both men's chests are heaving and they are breathing heavily as they stretch out their arms for the third and final challenge. Both know they must complete this segment or lose the competition.
I am confident that their arms must feel like wet noodles and this will be the deciding exercise.
We pull up #30 I begin to see John struggling, could this be it? Will John fail the last challenge?
I am thinking that Paul may have an advantage as his arms are shorter and has to pull himself up a shorter distance to reach the bar. At #39 Paul begins struggling as well. Both men wishing the other would give up and drop from the bar. 48.....49.....50!
Both men collapse on the mat, but both men completed the 3 challenges and are totally spent, soaked in sweat and breathing extremely heavy.
John says "No fucking way, still no champ." "Now what ref????" exclaims Paul.
These 2 muscled hunks are truly evenly matches physically as they have arm wrestled, rolled on the mats for more than 30 minutes and completed 3 grueling exercises, so I really need to come up with another way to determine a winner once and for all.
Stay tuned to see what I come up with....

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поединок за женщинуPeter666's blog

Кто хочет бороться за девушку или жену пишите

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"Mike" from FloridaRhodyRaybo's blog

Wish I could write this guy a review. As much as I love Meetfighters, I
do try to get matches from one other source .... Craig's List. What can
I say? I got fed up with the nickel and dime policies of Globalfight,
plus I hadn't gotten any matches through there in months, so I left.
Bearhuggers isn't that active, sadly. And Wrestlemen is just another
money making site. So I often get matches from Craig's List and hope for
the best. I can say, it's not always bad. Most guys lately have been
"one and done", but at least they are willing to try it at least once.
This brings me to my most recent CL opponent. I will call him "Mike".
Mike was visiting the Providence area from Florida to attend a
conference for his job. I guess he did frequently use CL to meet guys
for various reasons, but in his initial response he told me that
wrestling sounded like fun and he could host at his hotel, which was
only 10 minutes from me. I told him I was game.

Anyway, after exchanging texts all day long on the day of his arrival, I
got to his hotel room not quite sure what to expect. I was greeted by a
man about my height, a couple years older than myself, with salt and
pepper hair. He was about 25 lbs heavier than I am, though I am the
more muscular one. He wasn't in the greatest of shape, but he did have
a lot of stamina for someone who hadn't wrestled much. Anyway, we
greeted each other, chatted a few minutes, then when he was sitting on
the bed, I ATTACKED! I had him pinned and scissored in a matter of
seconds. (insert more here). After we were in appropriate attire, we
continued for over an hour of exchanging holds with me showing him some
holds and letting him administer a few to me. It was fun and sweaty. He
loved my scissors and my bear hugs. He cried for mercy, I gave him
none. He pinned me and I showed him how I have learned to get out of
various holds. I had a lot to tell him and show him. Time seemed to go
by quickly with him. Anyway, His stay was for about 4 days, so I
managed to meet him two more times for more wrestling. It was fun,
though he had a couple of physical issues that caused us to have to go
at a slower pace than we began with.

I wish I could write a review of "Mike", but seeing he was a Craig's
List guy and not on Meetfighters, I can only blog about him. But we hit
it off quite well. I don't know if we will ever see each other again.
The conference he was in Providence for is in a different city each
year. But nonetheless, he really enjoyed it and told me we would
probably be meeting again sometime down the road.

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Tynesiders Meet at Pippas 17.6.2017Steeleyes's blog

Excellent meet by Tynesider.Not a rough house at all,myself tried 4 new opponents plus 2 previous,quite an age range and styles.Never dreamed when I started proper training with ImtiazAli 9 months ago that I would dare tackle a power-lifting bodybuilder !(letsfightlads)Wow.Thanks Tynesider.

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добавляйтесь в друзья в соцсетяхPeter666's blog

Я в вк и на фб

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