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A fun weekend!!surrey71's blog

I'd like to thank the following for taking the time and trouble to come to the meeting I arranged at Pippas on 18th February....

I think it can be said, we had a fun afternoon wrestling each other!
I've now met some really amazing lads to add to the friends I've already made through this site!
Despite the intolerable traffic getting to Manchester, I'd like to think it was worth the while setting it all up - and those (who will remain nameless) that refused my invite to attend - you missed a great meet which was friendly, relaxed and fun-filled!
The social time that was spent that evening with a couple of guys was not only fun but made my trip so much more enjoyable (the guys who came know who they are!!)
I'd also like to thank Pippa L'Vinn for making the hire of her venue so easy and trouble-free!
If I can set up another later in the year, I hope some (or all) can return!!
All said and done, I would say despite everything I had a great time and would like to think I've added some new friends and hope I get to see them again real soon!!

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Pro-Wrestling Day (プロレスの日)Detective Mask's blog

In Japan, February 19 is Pro-Wrestling Day. This commemorates the first international pro-wrestling match ever held in Japan. That match involved Rikidozan (considered as the father of Japanese pro-wrestling and Masahiko Kimura (the man who popularized the famed Kimura lock) teaming up against the Sharpe brothers.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish a happy Pro-Wrestling Day.

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From Maythe natureboy's blog

i will be having an operation early May so will be out of the scene before, during [naturally!] and for some time after.
While I am 'out of commission' the profile will be temporarily suspended.

While my back holds together I am going to take as many chances to wrestle as many opponents as I can. The 'window of opportunity may not be a big one, So I am hoping to tour New Zealand in [the southern] Spring and some Asian countries in early 2018. If still going OK, the West Coast US and Canada in the second half [northern Fall] of 2018,
Keep strong guys....
Darren 'the Natureboy' Rix

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Time to FocusWrestlerandGeek's blog

I spent a good deal of time trying to meet guys on here with no luck. It just seems an awful lot of work to get maybes and ifs, or "i am too busy" excuses all the time. The top excuse also seems to be that I am "too good" and fear that I am going to beat the crap out of people. Funny, because if you notice from my profile, I am looking for erotic wrestling in singlets or spandex and don't really mention much about going at you hard or hurting anyone. But, 'tis no fault of mine for trying, and I certainly do not discount that people have things to do and lack money. We all have things to do, some of us have less money, but when we want something we go get it. I didn't want to be fat, so i did something about it. I wanted to wrestle, so I went and drove 3 to 4 hours away to compete, knowing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the sport or how to do it. I may not be those guys people here lust after (the real high school or college wrestlers, or those "real wrestlers" from the various video sites), but I compete, train, and know how tough the sport is currently while still being gay and being into spandex, and all those things many of you on here enjoy as well.

But I am going to focus on my competitions now and try and achieve a few goals I have been slacking on, namely because I have been so intent on wanting to find a partner on these sites. If you are still interested in meeting me, it will be difficult as my tournaments will be on weekends but I can free up time for those who really are going to show and don't come up with excuses. I think I am a pretty great guy when you get to know me, and if anything, i fit the bill when it comes to being a true fighter and wrestler. Wish me luck, or don't. Like my blog, or be that one guy who likes to hit "dislike." He can be as anonymous as he wants to but to him i say this: haters are going to hate and never going to get anywhere else in life for it. I am here, I am doing my thing, and too bad if you think i am a jerk for having opinions. Ciao for now.

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What Makes A Good Match In Brit Pro Wrestling...princepaulbritpro's blog

Given there is always a bit of understandable ambiguity about brit pro style wrestling I thought I would give my interpretation of it to see how it lands with other wrestlers and also to understand compatibility with opponents.

Brit pro wrestling pretty much relates to World Of Sport style professional wrestling which was popular in the UK in the 1960's and 1970's. It is usually revered in the US given the technical ability of the wrestlers as well as some of the improvisation which makes it exciting as a style.

A big part of brit pro wrestling is in how you turn up for the party, which in itself creates an atmosphere and subculture for the sport. You can usually tell other brit pro wrestlers as they tend towards trunks and boots and usually a track suit top to complement. As one of my rivals on here puts it: "it's like a declaration". For me this is an important part of creating the right vibe between wrestlers. Some prefer leotards, some prefer tights but overall the dress code is pretty well understood.

1. Submission Wrestling
The idea of submission wrestling is to make your opponent submit at the first opportunity and it is usually 100% competitive in as much as all the holds are genuine and much of the time you are cancelling each other out with effort. Matches are usually, but not always short and the intensity is high.

2. Role Playing
Professional wrestling is a spectacle and usually one for television where moves are designed to look good in an arena and matches are designed to tell stories that an audience can latch onto. Quite often in matches wrestlers take on roles of "heels" or "jobbers" as part of a tight or loosely scripted match. This is analogous to dominant or submission tendencies in wrestlers which set a dynamic for a match. In some cases, moves and holds are acted out or they are applied with some intensity depending on the desires of the participants but the outcome is pretty much set around those roles.

The Competitive Dynamic Of Give & Take Wrestling
Brit pro is somewhere between submission wrestling and roleplaying as described above and where exactly it sits depends on the wrestlers involved and their approach to a match.

Brit pro is actually cooperative and competitive at the same time and that's what makes it particularly interesting and attractive as a style of wrestling. Not as intense and "all out" as submission wrestling and not as predetermined nor artificial as roleplaying. The part of brit pro that is 'pro style' is the expectation that you have to work on your opponent over the course of the match in order to be able to eventually force him to submit or pin him for the three count. In submission wrestling you do this at your earliest opportunity, in role playing you do it when you both agree.. or usually when a heel decides.

It's all in how you "give and take" when you wrestle. In the best matches neither wrestler is passive and it is not about the 'taking turns' in applying holds or executing moves. For me the "give and take" element is about how you exchange control in a match and good brit pro wrestling is all about control within certain constraints.

The Give ... Of Give & Take
Wrestling is all about being able to apply holds on your opponent and to keep him under control, either through controlling his body position, controlling how much pain you can apply to him and how you can vary that level of intensity in a hold. The more you can do this in a match then the more you are likely to demonstrate you deserve to win. This is all part of the process of weakening your opponent methodically, either through the use of many different holds, chains of similar holds or variations of the same hold. Either way you are 'scoring points' that contribute towards winning a match. Most of the time a wrestler is looking to weaken a particular body part in order to eventually make it easier to score a submission or get a pin.

The & ... Of Give & Take
The exchange of control in a match is down to the level of intensity there is between wrestlers. Where brit pro is very different to submission wrestling is that you are expected to move together to facilitate more variation in the dynamics of a match. This would be completely against the rigidity of submission wrestling and the predetermination of role playing. How you move together in brit pro helps to do different things: (1) helps an attacking wrestler transition to different holds and moves to keep up an attack (2) helps a defending wrestler to move in a hold in a certain way to validate an escape (3) helps both wrestlers move together to facilitate a reversal.... this all depends on how both wrestlers dial things up and down in a match and can be the most fascinating part of a bout and is a way for both wrestlers to demonstrate their skills and change the intensity of a match. One of the attractions to brit pro is that there is usually a much larger repertoire of holds used and much more experimentation in holds which makes it good to watch and participate. The style usually stops short of the theatrical flying around that happens in role playing or completely choreographed matches.

The Take ... Of Give & Take
Part of what makes brit pro wrestling tough is the ability to absorb pain and treatment in holds as both wrestlers look to weaken each other and make a claim on the match. Part of being 'safe and sane' in brit pro is to avoid sudden deliberately violent movements so all holds are applied progressively, but this doesn't mean they are not applied. Part of what makes a contest interesting is how wrestlers dial up and down the intensity of a hold to make a point to their opponent which is all about control again. This is usually done through gestures and verbal exchanges which is what makes brit pro unique.

The Language Of Give & Take In Brit Pro Wrestling
In order to manage the give and take of control and treatment in a wrestling bout, there is usually a lot of communication between both wrestlers and this is essential to brit pro: in submission wrestling it is usually pretty silent and in role playing it is purely theatrical. In brit pro it is vital both wrestlers know where a hold is to avoid injury and when to move together to progress the match. The attacking wrestler is asking his opponent if he submits way more often to get a read on his response to set a hold in a way that is not too comfortable to be passive and not too uncomfortable to get an immediate submission. The wrestler caught in the hold has to communicate back through the intensity of his 'no's', the intensity of his slaps on the mat, taps to his opponents body or any other gesture. This way both wrestlers contribute to the control of the match and allows holds to be applied sincerely and deliberately but also safely.

Verbal exchanges also set the tone of a match and allows both wrestlers to use their psychology on each other as part of the contest. I have experienced different styles when it comes to verbal...

1. Trash Talking
It can be an escape for both wrestlers to allow themselves to amp up the intensity in how personal a match can be if they both want to go there. Good trash talking isn't easy and Brits tend to be crap at it, we are too fucking polite so this can be a good departure. It needs to be creative though but is all about getting inside your opponents head and is by no means the only way to do this. It can be much more subtle...
2. Active Verbal
Not as personal as trash talking but very direct and very much both wrestlers engaging each other directly in how they punctuate their holds and ask for submissions as well as refuse them.
3. Passive Verbal
Sometimes the dynamic of a match is set the other way by not addressing each other at all and doing it via a referee... even if there isn't one... or to the audience... again... even if there isn't one. The intention is more to treat your opponent in a way that they could be anyone.

Matches have dynamics and verbal exchanges can ebb and flow over a match and you could have all three of the above and more. This is down to the kind of chemistry you want to create and all opponents have different personalities which amount to different vibes each time. What is true every time is that verbal exchanges are essential to how a brit pro bout works.

At some point in a match one wrestler will feel they have won enough control in a match to get to a hold where they will urge their opponent to submit. They may also catch their opponent out skilfully in a particular hold where a submission is much more likely and force the issue that way, even if they haven't had the best of the match. Pins can also be used in a similar way as a result of enough genuine wear down or through being able to obtain a particular move through skill and wit. Either way matches are won through 'negotiating' your way through this by how you have managed to work over or catch out an opponent. Not all matches are going to be fair either and that's part of the dynamic. More than a handful of sports can end up with skewed outcomes so it goes with the territory and keeps it intriguing.

Usually more associated with boxing, brit pro matches are usually set in rounds with a standard of 8 rounds of 5 minutes each with a rest period of 45-60 seconds. Rounds and times of rounds can vary to what works. Either way this has a major impact on the dynamic of a match:

1. It stops one wrestler grinding down the match over a prolonged length of time as can be the case in submission wrestling, which is part of the point of submission wrestling but not brit pro.
2. It breaks up the wrestling so there are at least 8 standing starts so both wrestlers have more of a chance to impose themselves on the match in different ways that give it more range and variation.
3. It contributes significantly to the pacing of a match so both wrestlers are focused on sessions of five minutes to impose themselves and look to weaken their opponent. This can make the action more fast pace in some instances but can also lead to prolonged periods of control by one wrestler if he wants to try and slow an opponent down. Like any sport trying to set and determine the pace is a big part of how you compete and rounds give more variation in that.

Another feature more associated with boxing and another way in which wrestlers can approach a match to impose themselves. If you ground your opponent you can follow up your move like you would in any other style of wrestling. However, in brit pro you if you don't follow up your opponent is subject to a 10-count, in which time he has to come back to his feet to avoid a knockout decision. Once the wrestler subject to the count has one foot on the canvas, his opponent can follow up which keeps the advantage with the attacking wrestler. This allows a wrestler to control a match through throws, impact moves such as body slams and postings as he tries to slow his opponent down. Sometimes after attempting an unsuccessful submission the attacking wrestler might also decide to break and resume standing, in which case both wrestlers are subject to a count until they are both on their feet and set to resume. How you use the counts in a match is part of how you compete and dictate the pace in brit pro.

For most brit pro wrestlers, this style of wrestling is inherently horny, hence it is on this site. Often wrestlers are stimulated during a contest so it can be agreed to apply the principle that if you have your opponent hard then you can use it against him by combining wrestling holds with holds and grips to the cock which can be agreed between both wrestlers. There is absolutely nothing mandatory about this and is down to the tastes and chemistry of those involved. When done in the right way it stays true to the atmosphere of competitive wrestling and can up the ante in terms of skill level and intensity. What seems to count for most people is that it isn't an open door for wrestling to become something else; again unless that is what both wrestlers want. In which case, fine.

1. Safe Word
Nobody knows everything and with the best will in the world shit can go sideways. A simple safe word goes a long way and is an insurance policy for both wrestlers. "STOP" tends to work well and takes everyone out of the moment and focused on the right thing. There was a saying in pro style that the person you are in the ring with is your best friend for that time in the ring... otherwise you should not be in the ring. It also allows both wrestlers to ramp up the intensity and set the boundaries organically.
2. Hand Shakes
You can't do a martial art without bowing and there is a reason for that. This ain't MA but at least a handshake conveys the right thing. One before and one after the match every time, at least. Then in between time treat it as a fight as much as you like to, the handshake is there to show that you both acknowledge that and have each others best interest at heart even when you are trying to fuck them up just a bit. The best matches are sporting matches where both wrestlers want to show each other what they can do, have a genuine interest in winning and to be generous enough to know how to lose if they have been out wrestled. Making the match a great experience for both is the most important aspect of brit pro and a hand shake is a bond to commit to that. Nothing contributes more to a bad experience than a bad loser or a bad winner as well as people who are not being genuine about what they are getting from a match and manipulating accordingly. Shake hands. Be genuine.
3. Clarity
Never think it is wasted time being clear on what is in and out of bounds, a 'dirty move' for one person could be an assassination attempt to another. Being clear about the following helps to make a match work. (1) physical conditions: make it clear that anything abrupt to a specific part of the body could aggravate an injury so set some boundaries and try things before actually matching to read each other's bodies (2) "illegal moves": be clear on what is illegal, punching, head butting, which strikes are acceptable and to where... what type of hair pulling ... etc etc... being 'rough' isn't just about the kind of moves allowed but also the way in which they are used. (3) erotic holds: everyone has a different tolerance level and should be respected, different vibes make different matches so be clear at the outset, opportunism is a bad strategy.

Well if you got this far you must have time on your hands, must be bored or you are pretty much into this style of wrestling. This is what I think people mean when they 'get it' with this style and why they enjoy doing it. Yes it is competitive but just in a different way, there is more going on, more creativity, at least as much skill and in some cases more and really can be a blast. If this all makes sense to you then we are probably well suited opponents. If it doesn't then good luck in what you are doing and I hope it continues to work well for you.

Interested in comments, disagreements etc.

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Boxerjedy56's blog

This is ficton. A few years back now. I use to go to a local gym. Me and the owner were m8s. We'd spare and fuck when the gym was closed.
One day, I noticed a lad come in. About 5' 6', same height and build as me. He was using some of machines but kept looking over at the guys sparing in yhe ring. He was wearing lose shirts and you could tell what he was watching was turning him on.
I got chatting to him. His name was Tyler, he was 22 yrs old and had always wanted to have a go at boxing. My cock was twitching bro! This little dude was going to be mine.
I asked him if he wanted to put on a pair of gloves and spare with me. He said no. He'd feel foolish in front of the other guys. Perfect! I had the little cunt! I explained that I was a m8 of the owner and that night, I was closing up for him. We could stay behind for a bit, just the two of us. He said he'd like that and thanks.
Once we locked up, I found some gloves him and put my favorite 16 ozs on. I showed him how to put his guard up and began a gentle spare. I let him land a few punches just to give him a bit of confidence. He was getting a bonner! I suddenly let rip with a punch right in his guts! He staggered back, fighting for breath.
I could see his fear. Far dos to him, he didn't ask me to stop, so we continued. I took it easy. A little left jab, a right cross, all connecting but not too hard. I then went in for the kill! My cock was dripping with pre cum and I knew I couldn't hold on much longer. I fainted with my left and thew a right hard! Bam! Right on the jaw. His stunned face! He fell back, into the corner.
He didn't know what had hit him! I turned him round so his chest was facing the corner, with his arms over the top rope. I began to feel his arse up. I couldn't wait any longer. I pulled down his shirts, got out my cock and rammed it deep into his arse! He let out a yell! I told him how well he'd fought but losers have to pay the price. He was tight and I was soon pumping him full of my spunk! Fuck it was good!
After that, we trained quite often. My m8 who had the gym enjoyed having him as well.
He went on to be a decent boxer. We still meet from time to time for a spare and a fuck.

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Lately.....RhodyRaybo's blog

It's been a little while since I wrote a blog, so it's time to talk about some highlights in my wonderful world of wrestling. My latest match was recently with a Latino who answered my Craig's List ad. The guy was a newbie and quite muscular, though smaller than I am. I showed him some holds and he turned out to be quite strong. After we struggled, we cuddled, and enjoyed holding each other. He actually told me at the end to push him because he needed to be pushed.

Also, I recently had my 14th match with "Alan", a tough guy who is about 50 lbs lighter than I am who is strong, muscular, and determined to make me tap. He has yet to succeed at the tapping. I also have continued wrestling with my favorite jobber "Ron", whom I recently had my 86th match with and wrestling my "mentor", "Stanley". Stanley and I now have a cool ending ritual after more than 60 matches together.

The happiest occurrence of all was my recent reconnection with "Jim-Bob". After not having wrestled alone for a couple years we found an arrangement that would allow us to wrestle alone again. We did it the way we used to. We began by hugging and embracing in silence, then we began to struggle. We ended the session with a boxing match, which he won, of course.

The wrestling is great, though last week I finished an 11 day drought of no wrestling, but it being winter, the drought was due to various illnesses. But I am now back in action. If you are in southern New England, let's brawl!

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Valentine's Day: A Combat PerspectiveWrestling and Domination

OK, so what on earth could Valentine’s day – this schmaltzy, lovey-dovey, everything-pink-and-red, uber-commercialized confection of a pseudo-holiday – have to do with fighting and conflict? Turns out, quite a lot… if you dig a bit into its origins.

Like most early saints, the various figures who have been conflated into today’s commonly recognized (by name anyway) “Saint Valentine” were all martyrs. And none have a particularly romantic story, with the exception of a Valentinus in the 3rd Century who was arrested by Emperor Claudius for illegally performing Christian weddings, and eventually martyred.

So again, the commonality they all share is that they died for their faith or beliefs. Though the best do so without violence, martyrdom is inherently the result of a conflict between individual morals, faith or ideology and those held by the wider society to which that individual belongs. Nobody becomes a martyr without having been a fighter, even if they never raised a hand in anger.

I have been very focused so far this year on getting stronger, getting fit. My struggle of late has been against myself, but like many here I also aim to test myself against as many others as possible. We all want to be able to fight, if we should ever have a dire need. But how many of us would fight – with or without fists – and sacrifice for something larger than ourselves?

That struggle – for meaning – is the real lifelong match each of us must fight. For those who don’t like Valentine’s Day as an outpouring of cuddles and cutesy crap, in the true spirit of the Saint(s) for which it is named, I urge you to reflect today on what and who you would be willing to be a martyr for, and savor its importance and meaning to you. Because we fight for fun here, but that is the struggle of life.

Happy Valentines Day, dudes.

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Match 5: An Erotic SurpriseWrestling and Domination

Last weekend (the first in February), I got to wrestle a new opponent with a very new style, and also got to work out with a great group of guys for a structured wrestling practice. Both left me pleasantly tired and sore… and with much to think on! More on the Sunday wrestling practice in my next blog post.

After much anticipation and multiple times being told by mutual past opponents that we should face off, I met my third opponent for what would be my fifth match on 2/4. We wrestled on a shifting sea of blankets over a hard wood floor that was uncomfortable at times but generally forgotten in the heat of our struggles. This would become my first erotic match, and because it was fairly intimate, the details here will be fairly light.

As soon as I was through the door, we shook hands, and he started shucking off clothes, immediately displaying an eagerness to just get to it! I would learn over our match and through further conversation the next day that for him, wrestling is all about what he did with college roommates: just stripping down and scrapping, wildly but safely. I generally prefer a few minutes to warm up, but hey – I also like to accommodate, so I followed suit and we went at it…

At 6’6”, he was all over the place and frequently I ended up almost hopelessly tied up as we scuffled across the blankets for the first twenty to thirty minutes. We grappled on the ground, trading holds, and while I kept trying to go for a submission – and did prompt him to tap out once or twice – he just seemed intent on grappling, tying me up and being in control. I realized later that – for me, anyway – I will always shoot for more clarity up front about what both I and my opponent are after (not just nudity/erotic but also pins/submissions, style, etc.).

After a while, during a break, he stripped down fully, and looked at me to do the same. Knowing that my profile said clearly and in more than one place that I didn’t want nudity, I was a bit surprised, but politely declined and we continued.

The rest of the match was fun… he persistently went after my tights, tugging them down as we continued to fight. With that crazy reach of his, I couldn’t help his hands going everywhere. Crotches grazed and ground upon faces, hands went into trunks – from front and back – and all sorts of things got grabbed.

So I hadn’t been looking for an erotic fight, but – again, focusing on “a good time for all” – I had fun by going with the flow and found myself letting go of some of the hang-ups that would have kept me from enjoying myself in such a situation just a few months ago. Even with one of my rules – no nudity – essentially broken by force, I felt no concern that he was going to try going further, which is good.

However, I know now to be more assertive and clear with what I’m interested in. I get that some opponents may not really be talkers. However, a minimum of communications would have prevented the torrent of questions that came up after. Once he was hard and it seemed more like sex than wrestling, was I wrong to jerk him off? Should I have just ignored his hard on? Despite my clear statement that I would probably not get turned on while we wrestled, was he offended or hurt by be not getting off as well?

I like the guy a lot, but we are very different and I did not feel comfortable asking about these things after, or the next day during our ride up to Philly for practice there. And he sure seemed to have a great time! Despite it being … unexpectedly sexual… I did enjoy myself and wrote a Recommendation for him. I stand by it, but realized in the days after that ignoring my preference to not get naked wasn’t cool.

The eroticism in general happened naturally enough –albeit with pushing from him – but it also would have been nice to know we weren’t having a straight-up competition so much as the dorm-porn version of one. In the absence of clarity (or any direction, really) from my opponent, I did what seemed natural and had some fun in the process. I hope he did too, though I was left feeling like I had done something wrong or somehow not measured up. But then, to what, I do not know.

Lessons have definitely been learned for next time about clear communication of expectations up-front. I do look forward to wrestling this guy again, though I’m not sure if I’ll go with the erotic flow again. I’d really like to take him on in a clear-cut competitive match on our mutual buddy’s mats to see who comes out on top in a non-sexy way some time, lol. Hopefully soon.

Thanks for reading!

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An Honest GuySpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle) blog

Generally don't like getting a "refusal to wrestle me" reply to a request. But I got to hand it to the [unnamed] local man for his honesty. In so many words he made it clear that his reason for turning me down was that I wasn't young and cute and wouldn't get his rocks off. Beats some of the cock 'n' bull reasons I've received, especially from some of the guys who believe they are young 'n' cute.."C'est la vie et la morte."

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