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2018-05-26scottimike's occasional blog

Just watched a B grade Irish martial arts movie , and comedy , so bad its good .
Filmed in Trim Co Meath its a hoot, the first such flim, starring real life martial artist James Bennett.Fatal Deviation (1998) .

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Roleplay, anyone?Londoner's blog

I'm free on Sunday evening or Monday for a wrestling bout. If you're a jobber, or like 'pretend' wrestling (see my profile for details), please let me know. I can't host at the moment, but have just purchased new mats.

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People Who LieSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

Interesting how some guys can make it a habit to lie through the teeth. Local man refuses to take me on saying I would be too heavy (25 pounds) an opponent – afraid I would damage his frail little body, I guess. Then see later he wrestled a past-opponent of mine who is 40 pounds heavier than I am.

Almost as bad as telling lies is to be so fracking dumb as to expose themselves by posting the inconsistency on the Internet – can't even keep his stories straight. Kind of like saying to the cop "No! You can't have my finger prints on the murder weapon because I wore gloves." Catch one material, lie, maybe a hundred more, such as any infectious diseases, 50 pounds of mass, or gawd knows what else.

Reminds me of the guy who constantly says he's too busy to come 8 miles across the river to take me on – always has to plan well in advance, yet drove more than 30 miles on zero notice to take on another past opponent of mine

I'm surprised they are not in high places in politics.

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Holiday WeekendsSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

A downside to holiday weekends is that so few men, if any, are available locally for wrestling us guys who are obsessed with wanting to do it almost every day. Give me a try–I don't bite.

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16000 Members, Password SecurityMeetFighters News

Hello Fighters,

Important announcement: If you are using your MeetFighters password on other sites, change your password now. Sharing a password increases the risk of your account being hacked. Scroll down for more.

But let's start with some great news: our beloved site, MeetFighters, now has over 16000 members worldwide! This is a time to celebrate, open a bottle of champagne and be merry!

At the time of writing, we have


Password Security

We recently had a nasty incident originating from another site. Normally here at MeetFighters we love competition and to trade links with similar sites. We believe that friendly rivalry is 100% in line with our theme as a fighting site. We had this disposition when we were the smallest, and have now that we are the largest.

Since the start, we have the utmost respect for our members' privacy. We do not participate in any advertising networks or other schemes that could compromise your browsing experience.

Unfortunately not every site shares our sunny disposition. We recently discovered that the operator of another site, f******** (site name redacted, you'll see why), has taken the password of a MeetFighters member from his site database, and used it to break into that member's MeetFighters account. He then proceeded to send messages, impersonating that member, in an attempt to redirect others to his site and soliciting some to send e-mails to him. He could do this because our member was naive enough to use the same password on both sites.

Photo credit: BMN Network

We have contacted the site operator and warned him that such criminal activity will not be tolerated, and if he makes any further attempts we will turn over all the evidence that we have gathered to the authorities.

The sad part is that we would have been happy to do link exchange with his little site, like any other wrestling personals site, if he just contacted us directly like a normal person. Instead, he chose to run a number of sock puppets with the best stolen male pictures that the internet could provide, trying to push his scam operation. Needless to say, we are not so ready to do link exchange anymore or to name them here.

To summarize: If you use the same password on other sites, change it now. Your account's security is important to us; let it be important to you too.


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Catch as catch canBoxerWOB's blog

Mai 2018 anrniebaby vs BoxerWOB
Das Rematch mit arniebaby verlief zunächst ganz nach meinem Geschmack . Nach intensievem Kampf konnte ich ihn unter Kontrolle bringen und mich für Schmach der Niederlage vom letzten mal revangieren. Dabei zeigte arniebaby echte Nehmerqualitäten. Doch so ein Catcher wie arniebaby hat immer noch eien Überraschung auf Lager. Nachdem ich den ersten Teil unseres Matches für mich entscheiden konnte bat er mich ihm noch einige Ringergriffe zu zeigen. Als fairer Sportsmann war ich natürlich dazu bereit . Doch kaum hatten wir die Kampstellung eingenommen überrasche er mich mit einer grob unsportlichen Aktion die mich sofort in die Knie zwang. arniebaby setzte hier natürlich sogleich nachund verhinderte so das ich überhaupt noch einmal ins Match finden konnte. Arnibaby ist echt eine Catchersau der Die Möglichkeiten des Catch as catch can voll auszunutzen weiß und es immer wieder schaft das Blatt zu seinen gunsten zu wenden. Respekt. Aber das nächste mal bist Du echt fällig da lasse ich mich nicht mehr übertölpeln! Du wirst um Gnade winseln das verspreche ich Dir.

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Kämpfe gegen BoxerWobarniebaby's Blog

Es war geil

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Markov (Fedork) défié, Renaud matéBlog de fedork

Renaud : Salut, qu'Est-ce que tu fais ?
Markov : Que fait un scribe devant un écran, tu penses ? Il écrit.
Renaud : Tu écris quoi ?
Markov : Un récit de combat.
Renaud : Pas surpris : c'est ton genre.
Markov : Comment ça C'est ton genre.
Renaud : Si tu étais étais vraiment un vrai catcheur, tu te battrais pour de vrai.
Markov : L'un n'empêche pas l'autre, mon cher. T'as déjà cyberfighter avec un mec devant un écran, Renaud, le grand connaisseur en tout ?
Renaud : Pas de temps à perdre à fantasmer devant un écran, moi. Je laisse ça à des branleux comme toi.
Markov : Avoue plutôt que tu crains de te faire dompter par un plus fort que toi. Ca demande pas plus d'habiletés que tu le crois. Facile de juger et de prendre les gens de haut comme tu le fais trop souvent. Commence par tenter l'expérience, après tu pourras te faire une opinion.
Renaud : Une expérience avec toi, Markov hein, t'aimeras ça lutter avec un vrai homme plutôt qu'avec un de tes avatars de pacotille à l'écran ?

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Just For Fun - Wrestling Name GeneratorShockR's blog

Mine is Buddy Fox. What is yours?

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