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Barely knock-outet by a Figure4alpinisto's blog

Time for my half-yearly visit to Dresden, where I six months before had wrestled my heaviest opponent so far, the 132 kg horti. A match which didn't give me much chance, for he just laid down on top of me so I could hardly move, not to mention wrestle. With my opponent this time I expected to have a better chance, for Bennyfighter weighed only half of what horti did and I was also taller than him. But he was almost twenty years younger than me and therefore I could expect a rather intense fight, as with his youth he surely would be faster than me.

Still I was both larger and heavier than my opponent, so if I opened the match the way I had done since I last month had been told by my friend in Berlin that I should be more aggressive, I expected that I still would have a chance.

It also worked quite good from the start, but Bennyfighter was not as compliant as my previous opponent had been. So even though we had a relatively even match in the beginning he soon saw the opportunity to gain control of my body and I found myself trapped between his legs. Probably because of my limited experience. Bennyfighter had about the same number of opponents as I had, but I felt sure that he likely had had more challenging opponents than me.

Before our fight I had read his recommandations, and there were several of his past opponents who had warned future opponents about his leg scissors being very powerful. However, I have always liked to see and to feel some good muscular masculine legs, so I only took a note of these warnings, and saw it more as a challenge for me. For I had always had some good legs myself, and actually I was looking forward to having a leg scissor fight with him.

My God! how he had strong legs, like steel cables wrapping my body. I managed to get free a few times, but every time he swiftly moved around to attack me from another side, without giving me a chance to prepare for my next move. I have never had problems with being bodyscissored, but this guy went more for the head. And not just by a standard scissor, but clearly he knew how to apply a Figure4! I have previously read about that hold, but never experienced it on my own body! But Bennyfighter knew how to apply it. He told me that he had started to wrestle at the age of 18, so he had four times more experience than I had.

There was no way I could break free from his Figure4, and he amused himself by keeping me in this hold. With the pressure he made on my throat with his legs I could hardly speak, but so could he. His Figure4 had really surprised me, and he told me that he had felt needed to learn this hold to have a viable defense to his other opponents which always had been heavier than him. And told me that there was no way of breaking free from a Figure4 - which I believed. Whenever I tried he just increased the pressure, and he was very close to knock me out when everything went black. I just managed to tap out while I still was conscious to do so. That this can be achieved simply by the use of the legs was really a surprise to me.

Saved by a bell - suddenly his mobile phone rang and it was time for him to proceed to his next meeting. He was working from home, and he had only had these two hours' time between two of his meetings. On the other hand I would not be sure that my body could take wrestling him any more today. Though I hope that I can wrestle him again some other time - maybe he can teach me how to apply this Figure4. Going from a standard leg scissor to a Figure4 felt like moving from the Stone Age to modern technology. And the nausea I felt after our match lingered on the next days, so I better had to postpone my planned dinner appointment that evening.

Now I can look back on a year with good wrestles and hope I can continue that in 2018. Though I have no wrestling planned for January yet, so time will tell if I also am to start the next year with a month of no wrestles. If not I can only hope that there will be more wrestlers coming to Copenhagen this January.

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Bouquets and almost zero brickbatsedscissors's blog

As usual there have been some strong reactions to the changes in format to our fine site. It was fine already, of course ... but I think the changes, once we have all got used to them, are good: the look is cleaner and it'll only take a few brief visits to discover where things are. Admin, as ever, has been very proactive today, the first day of the new look. Immediate suggestions have been read and acted on and small tweaks have appeared straight away.

And that's typical. I'm NOT sorry if I appear to be "toadying" because the truth is that Admin works hard and the result is a fine, elegant site which is reliable and in my view the best in its field.

But the site is also its members. I have made some good, genuine friends here. Many of us are old enough to remember life pre-"The Web". But now, ah - the easy, friendly, natural chats I have with good friends here (2 Craigs, some Dans, an Alex or four, a Tom ... and others) about stuff which 20 years ago ... well, I thought it was just me interested in scissors!

I've blogged before about the young generation - often, nowadays, so open, so tolerant, so comfortable with their own bodies. Hats off - or, as the French say, "chapeau"!

So, pretty well exclusively bouquets.

My only brickbats are for people who just don't seem to respond to the positive vibes of our site.

1) Thumbs down for the pathetic person or pathetic people who seem to take pleasure in clicking on " thumb down" for ANY blog or comment however positive. I wonder whether Admin can see who it is?
2) The " block" button is a mixed blessing and, in my view, should only be used as a last resort, maybe with a justification sent to Admin. I've blogged about this too so won't go on about it now. But there are disappointing members among us who misuse it. Dammit, one of the nicest, politest, correctest guys I know here had a negative comment posted by someone who immediately retreated behind the "block" button. And, myself, a while ago, i was totally scammed by a young man in East Kent (still on the site, i think) who, having failed to appear as arranged, blocked me so i couldn't get back the taxi fare i had subbed him. Unfair!

That said (abject apologies for a little rant!), I love our site and spend far too much time here. Why? Because I have made such good, true, friends here.

I shall continue to do all I can to contribute positively. People moan too easily. Not enough of us are prepared to take the trouble to comment positively and with gratitude on a JOB WELL DONE.

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Curious As Hell Itself About this One.Spruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

Not complaining here in my profile's blog. Merely trying to figure something out here, as I'm a guy who likes to dig into the wheres, whats, hows, whens, whys of life.

In all the past ten years, I have received invites from only one person within a hundred miles of home to go wrestle on their turf. While I have a great set up here inside and in good weather outside, really love to host guys here,, and find most travel difficult, I can't figure out why no invites. I know guys who get three or more invites a week to wrestle, and have to turn down welcomes from sheer lack of time. I'm retired and have all kinds of time, and on a great Metrorail system to facilitate local travel; but invites simply don't happen. Same goes for getting together to go out to eat after a match, despite places to eat within walking distance of home..

Hope there isn't cyber B-O at work frightening guys away; but guys who meet me here at home have given me great recommendations – few other guys have recommendations from more than 90 percent of their opponents.. Only one guy ever has complained about my place – and that due to it not being some beautifully furnished/equipped home out of House Beautiful.

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Updated DesignMeetFighters News


As mentioned in the previous news post, I've been working on the design update. I thank everyone who responded to that news post, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

I am proud to announce that the job is finished, and the new, fully mobile ready and responsive design is here. The structure imitates the look and feel of the previous iteration closely, but under the hood much is modernized.

In case you are missing some of your favorite links:

  • Look at the profile menu near the top right.
  • Some menu items are on the left now, if you have a narrow screen, tablet or mobile phone, you need to click the burger icon near the top left to access them.
  • The rest of the links are on the main page and in the footer at the bottom of the page.

Please add your comments and questions regarding the changes below.

In the likely case that I don't post anything else this year, I wish you all great and fighting-filled holidays and a Happy New Year!


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Just browsing MF and then.........,Vanman's blog

All of a sudden my screen changes colour, everything is suddenly available on screen and there is a burger in the top right.

Strange times? No it’s just another massive improvement to MF AND SPECIFICALLY THE MOBILE EXPERIENCE.


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Jobber Nightmare vs Jobber kellettj01 cyber win for meNightmareera's blog

look you summon bitch
you lucky im not going to beat you up
your the bitch around here
yeah your not going to because you cant
*slap you face hard*
"that the best you got"
*uppercut your jaw and crane kick your face hard*
*fall to the mat,then gets up* "why you bitch" i kick you in the face hard
*grab your foot and sweep my foot with your foot*
*tackle you to the ground and furiously ouch you multiple times in the face*
*grab one of your arm and goes for a arm-bar* i bet you wanna tap
"no way am i tapping"
*does damage to your arms more*
"arrrrrrrrrh fuck"*tries to reach the ropes
*while holding your arms and give alot of punches to your face*

  • i try wriggle free*
*let you go* how you that bitch
"you fucking bastard*
you should tap
"no way"
*runs to your and goes for a spear*
  • hit the mat hard*
time to make a jobber tap *goes for a rear naked choke and tighten this time*
"arrrrrrrrrh fuck" * desperately tries to reach rope*
*tight your neck more to make you tap* tap out
"arrrrrrrrrrrrh fuck never" * screams in agony*
*tight your neck more until you passout*
  • i tap out*
*let you go*
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Wrestle Party!Wrestling and Domination

Hey guys!

I really gotta get back into a better routine of checking this site... and need to do more matches. After months of aches and injuries, I am feeling awesome and ready for action! I had a match a couple weeks ago with Mantis, who ran circles around me again, but not quite as many, nor as fast as before... and I got his shoulders down twice which is always a satisfying accomplishment.

This Sunday, I'll be wrestling with the Philly Spartans, and then the wrestling club will be heading out to a nightclub, U-Bar, to party together. As a guy with a love/hate relationship with gay clubs, I'm both looking forward to it and dreading it, Lol. Frankly, I'd rather just get in more wrestling, but it will be fun to experience a new Philly club and hang with the guys.

Speaking of.... we need more guys! If you're in the Philly area, come train with us! The Spartans is a great club, open to all experience levels, sizes, body types - even those who just want to watch or aren't sure about wrestling folkstyle. Practices are intense but chill - and each participant is able to set his own pace.

Anyway, enough plugging the club. ;) ... I'm also looking forward to locking up with Slandon again on Tuesday. I know he plans to bring his best since at our last meeting I scored more taps for the first time between us... and I intend likewise so it should be a great match.

I do plan to check up on the site more.... it's hard to believe it's already been about a year since I joined and soon already coming up on a year since that first day of matches with Slandon and Aakingman. There are ways in which I feel like I have come so far, and ways in which I know I still have SO damn much work to do.

But I'm having fun and a year in I remain supremely happy that I finally fully embraced my attraction to and interest in wrestling. And continually grateful to this site for helping me make all of the connections which have enabled this past year's fun and progress.

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AFTER HOURSsisuperman's blog

Myself and a co-worker, Jeff, are the only two left in the office as everyone one else finished their reports. It's 8PM and the building air conditioning system has shut down and it's beginning to get very warm and we still have 2 hours of work to complete our project. Jeff removes his jacket revealing his massive torso and hard nipples that were pushing against the tightly fitted button down shirt and he unbuttons the top two buttons of the shirt. I see chest hairs peek out, he then rolls up his shirt sleeves revealing muscular forearms....
My heart begins to pound, I cannot concentrate on any thing else except Jeff's hot body, I wanted to remove his shirt and feel his muscles, but I'm afraid of the reaction...
I decide to compliment him on his body, "Jeff you must work out hard in the gym you look really fit"
"Actually, I do" he replies and he flexes his right arm. His bicep expands almost to the point of ripping through the shirtsleeve.
"Holy fuck" comes out of my mouth. I feel my dick harden.
"Wanna see more"....
"Take a closer look for yourself" he stands up and goes into a full double bicep flex,
"Feel how hard they are" he says. I feel his massive biceps and my two hands cannot completely hold them, he then tells me to unbutton his shirt.
My heats is racing with the excitement.....
I obey, of course, and begin to slowly unbutton his shirt exposing his massive chest. He peels the shirt off of his massive arms and begins flexing his chest and biceps, even giving me a show by making his pecs dance.
"Damn, how big are your arms and chest" I ask?
He replies "I have never measured them will you measure for me?
Fuck yeah I thought, so I grabbed the tape measure from the desk drawer and wrapped it around his chest which measures 48", I then measured his biceps which came in at 17.5". His muscle were not only huge but also rock hard.
I was in awe and couldn't believe this was happening to me.
He told to punch his chest hard over and over, again I obeyed, and he didn't even flinch.
I began to rub his chest after pounding it for a good 5 minutes, passing my hands over his hard eraser head nipples and notice a bulge in his pants.
I asked, "do you like this?" he replied, "I do, I do indeed"
I responded "I can see that" as I looked down at his crotch bulging.
He reached down and unzipped his fly and pulled out a 7" thick mushroom head dick, with veins popping.
He commanded "Suck it" and once again I obeyed.
I wrapped my warm lips around his massive throbbing cock and he moaned with pleasure. He was flexing his biceps as I sucked his cock and I massaged his mighty pecs and biceps simultaneously.
My dick was rock hard and leaking as I continued to suck until he finally shot his load.
"That was nice" he exclaimed as he put his dick back into his pants, zipped his fly, put his shirt back on and then said, "Ok let's finish the project"
We never spoke about that night again.

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Multi Tasking Part 2BSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

You saw Part 2A, the easy part-----Now for the tuff part, taking up as much as half or more of the session, where for each of 100 reps, you are holding each crunch as tight as your can. (Don't forger, you are NOT fully relaxing during any part of the entire session). Just imagine your nemesis is standing by and will be punching that gut when you are least expecting it. And this is not one of the crunch days yur devoting to pounding that gut.

All kinds of things to do with the rest of the body.

(1) The neck: If yur new to all this, you might be having to clasp your hands behind your head to keep you neck from going limp like that of a dead turtle. Start by tightening those neck muscles, even if only a few seconds without keeping it up with your hands, and do that longer and longer time after time. You need those hands 'n' arms for better things. At some point that neck should be tuff enuf so you can be using those arms to push down on your head or push it sideways, resisting with the neck muscles.

(2) Meanwhile, don't let the legs go to waste---scissor them, tightening them against each other as if yur doing a scissors on an invisible opponent – do them tight and see how long you can keep them tight. Work them both horizontally and vertically against each other

(3) At the same time, tighten up those butt muscles, the glutes. Few things look worse on a man than a butt that droops halfway down to the floor. Strive to be a literal hard ass.

(4) While doing all that use the bottom of one foot to press the top of the other real hard. Switch feet.

(5) When giving the neck a rest, use those arms as noted in my earlier blog post about multi tasking –, and work them against each other, with tightly clasped hands to strengthen the grip as you are using one arm to resist the other hard as you can at all crazy angles.

(6) Feel free to flex those back muscles while yur at it

(7) Come to think of it, much of this can also be done during all those other reps for the abs – the other 1,100 or so. Especially if the barbells, dumbbells, machines are not available. While at it, try some or all of this while you are on a Bosu, working wonders for the lower gut. Later on, try some keeping the eyes closed. Best if the Bosu is on your wrestling matt so if you go ass over head off the Bosu, it's not a hard floor. :)

**As always, start light 'n' easy and work up. If yur not used to strenuous exercise or are egregiously out of shape, check with yur licensed medical professional before starting this or really going out hellaciously with this. Merely relating here what I do with this on days I'm not pounding the gut or working out with the equipment I have scattered all over the house. Hit the mats with me; and as you may be tapping out, you will see this kind of working out at age 75 is not a waste of my time.**

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Availability for the Holidays--2017-18Spruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

The Christmas, New Year's, etc., winter holiday period is one in which many men are occupied with all kinds of activities which compete and usually overwhelm the time they can devote to wrestling/grappling. It can make it difficult to find guys to take on for fighting. Just sticking this in the blog part of the profile to let you guys know that I am available for action on the mats.

If you have read this far in my profile, especially the recommendations, you already know I am a strong, skilled fighter wrestler/grappler, have a place for doing it, available much of the time, and most of all---REAL. Additionally, my opponents have found it's not a case of being strong for my age–but rather of being strong for ANY age. All that contributes to the fact that the ratio of recommendations to total opponents is above 90 percent, among the highest on the site among men with 25 or more past opponents. With 47 past opponents, I am just entering the top 3 percent of men on the site in number of past opponents under my belt.

This is an invite (or should I say a plea during this sparse time of the year) to come take me on. If you are brand new to the site, or been here awhile but a bit shy to have your first few encounters with the other guys here, I welcome you and happy to help you get started; and if local, I sure enjoy doing some teaching (per my recommendations). If you have free time this holiday period (or any other time) and are seeking action, let's get in touch; and let's do it on the mats.

BTW. If you have any notion that my age makes me less of a wrestler/grappler, try me. You will be in for one hellacious rude awakening.

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